From Greek derivation, this “shining stone” has a longstanding artistic history because of its luxurious look, making it a work of art all on its own.

About The Stone

A gorgeous natural stone, marble is both timeless and on-trend. It is harvested in enormous slabs and has been used for centuries. Each slab carries a great deal of variation from one segment to the next, making it truly one-of-a-kind in your space.


Natural Material
Unique White Color
Lower Initial Cost
Unique & Timeless
Innate Longevity

Shadow Storm Marble

Mont Blanc Marble

Calacatta Matrazzo Marble

Happy Customer

Kitchen Update

“From the first showroom visit to post-install, this company treats you like you are their only customer. Beautiful choices for countertops!”

Stone Highlights

Perfectly Imperfect

Although marble is known for being prone to nicks and stains, that is part of its charm as the patina develops over years of use. These imperfections are reminders of life lived.

Natural Longevity

Marble has been used as a building material for centuries, proving its ability to withstand the test of time. When properly cared for and maintained, you can enjoy it for a lifetime.


Does marble damage easily?

A: Marble is relatively easy to stain, etch, or scratch because of the softness of the stone.

What is etching? 

A: Etching is the physical change that occurs when an acid reacts with the calcium carbonate in marble. It usually results in dull spots on marble countertops. 

How do I clean marble?

A: You can use a stone cleaner or another mild cleaner. Apply the cleaner with a soft cloth then rinse it with water and allow it to dry. 

What is the starting price for marble?  

A: Our marble materials start at $65 per sq/ft. Installation is included in that price as well. 

Do I want marble in my kitchen?

A: Marble is a gorgeous stone for kitchen countertops, however it is softer than the other stones so the potential to scratch or etch is more likely compared to a quartz or granite.

Is marble hard to maintain?  

A: Marble is a porous, high maintenance surface. It is vulnerable to staining agents such as juice, wine, and oil. 

How do I take care of marble?

A: Be sure to avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners that could scratch or etch the stone. Be cautious with any liquids because a spill can easily stain the surface.