An igneous rock that is one of the hardest substances in the world and consists mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It is truly a beautiful natural stone with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.

About The Stone

Granite’s composition makes it dense and durable, meaning it is less likely to scratch and stain. It can have a range of different finishes, from creamy white to deep black and even blue or light pink. Each unique slab features its own natural pattern, providing unique “movement” in your space.


Natural Stone
Wide Variety of Color
Unique Patterns
Easily Repairable
Great for Outdoors

Black Pearl Granite

Black Mist Granite

New River White Granite

Happy Customer

Kitchen Update

“We had granite kitchen countertops installed and the process was smooth and flawless. Everyone we worked with was professional and knowledgeable.”

Stone Highlights

Heat Resistant

Being an igneous rock, granite can withstand hot objects, like pans from the oven, and does not discolor from heat.

Family Friendly

Granite’s durability allows it to withstand any spill, the paws of a pet, or potential chip. It’s the perfect backdrop for your family gathering.


How does granite come in different colors?

A: Since granite is a natural stone, it can vary in appearance depending on the conditions present when it was formed. 

Can liquid stain granite?

A: Yes, if a liquid is spilled and left on granite for an extended period of time, it will stain the granite. The chances are significantly lower when the granite is sealed properly. 

Will a knife scratch my granite countertop?

A: No, granite is a very hard stone. You are more likely to end up with a dull knife than a scratched countertop.

Is granite cheaper than the other stones?

A: Granite has the lowest entry-level price. We do also have higher level options in granite as well. 

Why does some granite have pits in it?

A: Pitting is a natural "imperfection" in the stone that gives its uniqueness. Every natural stone has some pitting, and is usually barely visible. 

Can granite be repaired if it gets damaged?

A: Unfortunately if granite is cracked or chipped it can't be restored as new. It is however possible to fill the crack or chip with epoxy to hide the damage. 

What is the starting price for granite?  

A: Our granite materials start at $45+ per sq/ft. Installation is included in that price as well.